Milwaukee Powersports Testimonials

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. Here's what they have to say.

Awesome guys, my son's rode from Kalamazoo to Panama over the last 4 months and arrived at Milwaukee desperately needing a chain, these guys helped out great prices, great service, and great advice, old-fashioned know how.

David Lehane

Ive been going to sportland for many years. Theres a reason why I keep going back for my needs. They always take care of me and my machines! ive delt with other shops in the past and Sportland definitely goes above and beyond the others.


I had never been there until recently. I have always been a bit of an old school guy who gets loyal to a shop where I feel comfortable, taken care of, and most importantly can trust their staff, and I had a place I went to exclusively for many years. Add to the fact they are in Oak Creek and I live in Menomonee Falls, it seems like they are on the other side of the world from me. However, the shop I used to go to recently closed and I had to find a new shop. Not having received the best vibe from the other shops, well more like stores then shops, around me I decided to give [Milwaukee Powersports] a try. I have only been dealing with [Milwaukee Powersports] for few months now, but I must say all of my trips there so far have been very positive. They have a very shop, not store, like vibe to them. I have dealt with nothing but quality, knowledgeable people who are into the product/sport, and they support a lot of product and multiple sports. I was pleasantly surprised that I can actually get Yamaha OEM parts there, even though they are not a Yamaha dealer. Their inventory of parts, gear, and bikes was far more than I expected it to be. Their prices seem to be the same on everything I have looked at as all the big internet dealers, except since you are buying it in a store you don't have to pay to have it shipped from some online store. Yeah there is the gas to drive there and the time spent there, but the fact I can touch, feel, try on what I'm buying, and have some knowledgeable human interaction more then makes up for the gas money. A few days ago I went there with my son for him to look at a used sport bike. The sales person we dealt with, sorry I’m bad with remembering names, was very knowledgeable about the bike and the other bikes we looked at for comparison, very patient, and so no pressure it was amazing. After agreeing on a price, which we felt was extremely fair, I felt so comfortable with things I left my son to work with the salesman to fill out all the paperwork on his own while I shopped for other things. It was his first time dealing with the paperwork end of things and a very good life experience for him. It went great and he is very happy with his purchase, well more so if it were 70 and sunny, but [Milwaukee Powersports] couldn't help with that problem. I just want to say thanx to all the [Milwaukee Powersports] staff. I have found a new home.

Eric Brechlin

Luis Reca

Isaac Rivera

Div Syntax

Fernando Vazquez

Antonio Sandoval

I was in the Milwaukee area on vacation when I found, much to my chagrin, that the rear tire on my GL1800 had gone south after only a few days riding since my last inspection. I was beginning to despair finding a Honda motorcycle dealer in the Milwaukee area when someone suggested Sportland2. I called and talked to Carl Wolf in the service department and explained the situation and asked if there was any way that I could get some new rubber ASAP. Carl said bring it in and we will get right to it. When I arrived they were as good as their word and took the bike right in. Two hours later I was back on the road with brand new Dunlop Elite III's. The price was right, the service good and fast, and the people willing to go the extra mile. What more can you ask for? If I am ever down this way again I will not hesitate to use their service department and would recommend them to anyone needing service work.

Norman May

Manpreet Singh

Donald Hutchinson

Gina Krsteski

Paul Gutmann

Went in to check out a Honda PCX 150 and was told they were getting 2 red ones in 2 weeks. I really wanted the black so Amber said she'd call around for me. In 2 days, got a call from her saying she found one and its ready for me to pick up. Extremely happy with the bike, and the service i have received.

Had my break-in maintenance 3 weeks later. Got there early, and they let me in to check it in. Got it back super shiny. They even thanked me for wearing a helmet.

Thanks all!

Chad Hylton

Garrett Gaber

Mike Q

Santanna Dillon

Jeffrey Hafert

My bike broke down on the 3rd of July. I had a cross country trip planned for the beginning of the following week and things did not look good. Getting parts and squeezing me in without an appointment - things didn't look good.

Huge thanks to the guys at Sportland 2 - they stepped up big time and went above and beyond to get the parts in and get the job done! Service was great and the price was right. Trip on! Thanks Sportland 2!!

Jeffrey Kitzman

Brandon Zdrubecky

George Istvanek Jr.

Tom Donaldson

Tony Vandermause

Fantastic parts staff and service department the parts department helped me find a discontinued part for my atv and the service department got the part on my atv in a timely fashion and they did a fantastic job doing it the even pointed out some things that needed to be replaced sooner than later all of the staff where very helpful thanks to sportland I'm back on the trails 🤙

Rick Porter

Bernard A Klismet

James Gaudio

Jordan Mikkelsen

Sabrina Ford